School Radio System

There are many benefits to having an in-school radio station and here at Sound Innovations we can provide and install a full working radio studio. We can configure the station to broadcast around the school or you can save your pupils sessions and post them on the web for parents to listen to.

Whether you are a primary or secondary school or academy, or a further education college or university, we have designed a package which is simple to use

Broadcast live shows during lunchtime, interview school guests, create podcasts for your website, pre-record study guides to stream online in the evening.....With a School Radio system from Sound Innovations the possibilities are endless! Contact us below to start your school radio journey
Sound Innovations School Radio Station Broadcast Budget

School Radio Features

  • Helps your school deliver Sector leading practice
  • Offers a new approach to strengthen links between English and ICT
  • An innovative way of approaching speaking and listening in the curriculum that will motivate pupils
  • Engages every pupil -- help every pupil achieve their potential in speaking and listening
  • Give pupils a great sense of citizenship and an involvement in the wider community
  • Facilitates thinking and career skills from as early as KS2
  • Encourages pupils to be enterprising and independent
  • Drives teamwork and responsibility
  • Cross -- year partnerships, allow older students to guide and train newer pupils

The School Radio Package

Sound Innovations School Radio Station Broadcast Budget

Our School radio complete system package contains everything you need to get up and running including:
2 x Studio condensor microphones
2 x Adjustable microphone boom arms
1 x Broadcast mixer
1 x Broadcast PC including compatible soundcard
1 x Control keyboard
2 x Studio monitors
4 x Headphones
Radio playout software

Prices start from: £3500 exc. VAT

One of the quickest ways to find our further information or to gain a quotation is to complete our quick enquiry form.
Sound Innovations School Radio Station Broadcast Budget

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Sound Innovations School Radio Station Broadcast Budget
For further details about our products and services please contact our team who will be more than happy to run through our products and services either via telephone or email.
Sound Innovations School Radio Station Broadcast Budget
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